Slumberland Mattress 10 / 15 – Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. All Slumberland mattresses (the “Product”) carry a 10 or 15-year local warranty against manufacturing defects (“the Warranty Period”) from the date of purchase.
  2. The Warranty Period varies according to the models of the purchased product. If the mattress is repaired or replaced, the Warranty Period will neither be renewed nor extended. The Warranty is valid only for a one-time repair or replacement.
  3. To enjoy this warranty service, customer should complete the online warranty registration within 30 days of delivery. Customer may contact our hotline at +63917 8278000 for enquiry.
  4. This warranty is not transferable and is only applicable to the first/original purchaser of the Product. In claiming under this warranty, the purchaser shall furnish to us the original invoice.
  5. The warranty only covers manufacturing defect in workmanship or material. Slumberland will repair or replace the damaged parts as well as reserve the right to use other materials of similar quality or replace the mattress by the then current model of comparable value due to the discontinuation of supply within the Warranty Period.
  6. The warranty does not cover mattress fabric and change in softness and, body impressions which normally associate with latex or foam over time.
  7. In the following instances, the warranty service shall automatically become invalid: –
  • Misuse or negligent use, e.g. sitting on the edge of the mattress; standing or jumping on the mattress or on its edges or frame of the mattress; bending; dragging and dropping of the mattress or storing heavy objects on the mattress, these actions may cause damage to the boarders or frame or the edge stabilizer of the mattress which is not covered by the warranty. (Please refer to the information on the next section – “Mattress Maintenance and Care”.
  • Willful damage.
  • Using of the mattress other than for domestic use (e.g. stock keeping, service apartment, outdoor activities etc.)
  • Normal wear and tear e.g. body impressions on upholstery within 1.5 inches.
  • Using an inappropriate bed frame or foundation (e.g. insufficient bed frame support).
  • Problems caused by natural environment e.g. humidity or damage caused by liquid penetration, cleaning, high powered vacuum or the use of cleaning agents.
  • Damage caused by natural disasters e.g. fire, flood, earthquake and etc.
  • Damage due to repair or removal by unauthorized person
  • Mattress not located at the registered address.
  • Residual of wool caused by electrostatic or usage of high powered vacuum
  • Personal preferences and requirements e.g. firmness, comfort and odor.
  • Display item or mattress sold “as is” with serial number taken off
  • Removal of any label from the mattress.
  • The mattress is in any unsanitary condition, e.g. due to blood or bodily fluids, stains, soiling and infestation.
  1. Under no circumstance shall the liability of Atlas Home Products, Inc. exceed the pro-rated replacement price or value of the mattress as indicated in Clause No. 12. Atlas Home Products shall not be liable for any accidents, injuries or inconveniences whether direct or indirect, sustained or experienced by the purchaser. Maximum liability shall, regardless of the case, not exceed the purchased amount by the customer as shown in their purchase invoice.
  2. Replacement of a damage mattress to a lower model or value will not entitle the customer to a refund on the balance. Should a customer opt for an upgrade to a higher model, customer shall pay for the price difference.
  3. This warranty is only applicable to Philippines Territories. If a manufacturing defect is reported by the purchaser within the Warranty Period, a site inspection shall be conducted.
  4. In respect of a valid claim lodged within the Warranty Period, the fee for replacing a mattress is as follows : (The company reserves the right to set the latest recommended retail price)
    During the 1st 2 years : Replacement will be given free of charge
    During the 3rd year : 30% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    During the 4th year : 40% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    During the5th year : 50% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    During the 6th – 8th years : 60% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    During the 9th – 10th years : 70% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    During the 11th – 15th years : 80% of the purchase price as shown in the sales invoice
    The number of years mentioned above is counted from the date of delivery.
  5. Atlas Home Products, Inc. reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.


Mattress Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance is the key to extend the life of your mattress. Follow the instructions below to give your mattress the best care:

  1. Remove the polythene bag before use.
  2. It is very important to turn your mattress from head to toe and to flip it upside down every 3 months to equalize body impressions. Body impressions are formed because the quality filling layers conform to your body contours after some time. Less than 1.5 inches compression of upholstery material is considered as normal body impression and not sagging. Therefore, it is not covered by the warranty service. (The non-flip mattresses come with pillow top or having a different type of finishing at the bottom. They only need to be turned from head to toe).
  3. All Slumberland mattresses cannot be used on slatted bed frames, wire mesh or any foundation with weak support.
  4. Do not iron clothes or place any heat source on the mattress to prevent damage.
  5. Do not stand or jump onto the mattress, sit or stand on the edges, or allow heavy pressure on any particular area of the mattress as it may cause damage to the pad and the spring coils.
  6. Do not wash or dry clean your mattress. To remove stains, gently rub the stained surface immediately with a wet cloth and wait until dry before reusing.
  7. Always use a Slumberland mattress protector pad on your mattress to avoid stains and soiling.
  8. Leave your mattress uncovered from the bed sheet/cover for several hours each week. Slumberland mattress has special ventilators to induce movement of fresh air in and out of the mattress freely. It will help to keep the internal upholstery layers dry and hygienic.
  9. Keep it dry to extend the life of a mattress.
  10. Do not place the mattress directly on the floor to prevent the moisture from affecting the quality of mattress.

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