Your Sleep Position Says A Lot About Who You Are

Psst…you may have unveiled your innermost self unconsciously (literally!) when you are sleeping. Lights off, alarm set, and strike a pose. We are referring to your sleeping pose of course! Your body language often reveals about your mind and personality, and the same can be said from your sleeping pose. 

When we are fast asleep, we tend to retreat to our most natural habit when we are in the state of relaxation. Therefore, your sleeping position not only says a lot about you as a person, but it also offers you information about your well-being. Having back pains or lack of quality sleep lately? it may just be because of your sleep positions. However, this will be a topic for another day. 

Let’s delve into the different sleep positions and see which one matches yours.  

In general, we can categorize sleeping position into sleeping on your back, side and belly.

Sleeping on Your Back

The Soldier

Snoozing in the soldier position is like what it sounds like, when a soldier assumes the position of attention. Both your arms are straight on your side when you sleep in this position on your back. According to study, only 8% of people sleep in this position. People who sleep in soldier positions are typically quiet, reserved and disciplined.  They are also focused and like things done in an orderly fashion. If you sleep like this, you are probably someone who holds high expectations for yourself and others too.

The Shooting Star / Starfish

Like the starfish, this position has all your limbs stretched outwards, with your hands usually above your head when you slumber. Not many really favour this position when they are really dozing off, although you often see actors striking this pose carefreely in movies. Indeed, if you sleep in this position, you are someone who are likable, friendly and even helpful. You are not stingy to lend an ear or give a hand to someone in need. With their arms splayed out, they look like they are ready to give you a warm hug. Definitely a good listener.

The Stargazer

A variation to shooting star position, a stargazer lies on his or her back with the arms wrapped around the pillow or rested behind the head. Imagine you are stargazing on a grassy field. That’s how this position got its name. You are loyal and treasure relationships if you sleep in this position. Like the shooting star position, people who sleep in this manner will go all out to help their friends. Lucky you if you have a friend who sleeps like a stargazer.

Sleeping on Your Belly

The Skydiver

If you are a skydiver sleeper, you sleep on your stomach with your hands wrapped around the pillow. Like its adventurous name, a skydiver is social, fun and he or she tends to be a risk-taker. On the other hand, if you sleep in this freefall style, you can be secretly craving control and also don’t take criticism well. Something to ponder upon perhaps.

Sleeping on Your Side

The Baby

Sleeping on your side is the most popular position according to study. This foetal position sleeper sleeps with the legs bent and curled inward, just like when you are in the womb. You may look tough outside, but it turns out that you are a sensitive and shy person inside. Women tend to adopt this position more than men.

The Log

People often say, ‘sleep like a log’, which means sleep very soundly. If you sleep like a log, you sleep on your side with your legs extended and arms straight in place, looking stiff. Contrary to your rigid sleep pose, you are a social butterfly. You are easy-going and tend to trust easily, which may sometimes make you appear gullible.

The Yearner

A spin-off for the log sleep position, the yearner sleep position is where the sleeper has his or her arms extended in front of the chest, instead of at the sides like a log. A yearner’s personality can be a little bit complicated. You are typically open-minded and inviting but you tend to be suspicious too, especially towards new friends and people you don’t know very well. You are slow and cynical in decision-making. However, once you have your mind set, it is difficult to sway you. The plus point is, you make a reliable friend.

One third of our lives are spent sleeping. A good quality sleep is important to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, your sleep position and comfort level correlate with the mattress you sleep on. The mattress should be firm enough to offer the right support while comfortable enough to ensure a good night’s sleep. Find the mattress that compliments your sleep position here.